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Knowing the parts of the body more than a Doctor is almost impossible. But when you rejuvenate with Dr. selected therapists @ The Massage Club Of Naples, you can be sure you are relaxing at the hands of the very best!

Because every one of the Naples massage therapists have been hand picked by non other than Doctor Alex Krischanowski of PineRidgeChiro.com. With reliability like Doctor Alex Krischanowski has, you best believe that each massage therapist is trained to be the most skilled, most experienced, and professional massage surrounding south western FL area.

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Acupuncture – The Safe Choice Is Now Alternative Medicine

acupuncture-naples-fl-acupuncturist-naples-floridaYear in and year out Acupuncture continues to be one of the leading alternative medicine options for those seeking pain relief. Having been practiced for centuries all over the globe, many medical professionals, provide effective relief to most common conditions suffered today.

With professionals such as Dr. Alex Krischanowski in Naples Florida, acupuncture continues to work wonders on even the most serious conditions. From the common headache, all the way to carpal tunnel, acupuncture proves to be one of the most reliable alternatives to harmful and addiction medications.

With many conditions and diseases being subsided or even eliminated by acupuncture, people all over the world are seeing outstanding results. Even more, World Health Organization (WHO) document more than 30 conditions from allergies, to severe tennis elbow being treatment by thousands with acupuncture treatment.

If you’d like to find more detailed information on acupuncture, just CLICK HERE to visit Pine Ridge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic’s informational page on acupuncture. Such Dr.’s as Dr. Alex Krischanowski Of Naples Florida performs acupuncture treatments weekly for patients just like you, with great success.

3 All Natural Health Treatments For Pain, Injuries, And Stress!


3 Alternative Health Treatments For Superior Health Without Pills Or Surgery!

Chiropractic Treatment – More and more pain sufferers are now turning to the all natural treatment to their chronic aches and pains which include lower back pain, neck pain, spinal stenosis, herniated discs & degenerative disc disease, migraines, and sciatica just to name a few. Find out today if we can help alleviate you chronic pains through Chiropractor Naples Fl treatment by Dr. Alex Krischanowski.

Acupuncture Treatment РAs oldest, most common, and most practiced treatments world wide and has been dated back centuries and centuries for its natural healing benefits. Such ailments as headaches, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel to name a few, have been successfully treated by acupuncture. See if Acupuncture Naples Fl treatment can benefit your condition or symptoms  CLICK HERE.

Massage Therapy Treatment – Massage has been increasingly recommended by doctors and physicians world wide as an addition to any health regimen. Increasing blood flow to vital joints, muscles, and problem areas massage therapy keeps the body balanced to repair itself from damage or strains throughout life. Our doctor approved massage therapists have been hand selected by none other than Dr. Alex Krischanowski to perform the most relaxing, soothing, and professional treatment in the Southwest region. Many massage treatments are available, find out if Massage Naples Fl treatments can be added to your health, wellness, and well being.

Why Are So Many Pain Sufferers Turning To Acupuncture & Chiropractor Treatment?

There are many obvious reasons that the growing number of pain sufferers are now turning to acupuncture & chiropractor treatment than ever before. The most obvious being that, the treatments are all natural and proven throughout the years to alleviate pain without the use of harmful medications or surgery.

Medications can be very addicting and harmful to the body which is why the increased number in deaths do to prescription drugs has skyrocketed in recent years.

And surgery, well we all know that this is a hit or miss method that can either make you or break you. There have been many success stories with surgery, however there have also been just as many failures just the same.

Most times after surgery you will be put on medications as well, which momentarily relieves pain, but does nothing to alleviate future pains.

Where as Chiropractic or Acupuncture treatment has been practice all the way back in ancient times for such pains.

Did You Know….?

Did you know The World Health Organization (WHO) presently recognizes more than 30 diseases or conditions, ranging from allergies to tennis elbow, that may be eliminated or alleviated by acupuncture?