Our Massage Therapists Are Dr. Approved!


Knowing the parts of the body more than a Doctor is almost impossible. But when you rejuvenate with Dr. selected therapists @ The Massage Club Of Naples, you can be sure you are relaxing at the hands of the very best!

Because every one of the Naples massage therapists have been hand picked by non other than Doctor Alex Krischanowski of PineRidgeChiro.com. With reliability like Doctor Alex Krischanowski has, you best believe that each massage therapist is trained to be the most skilled, most experienced, and professional massage surrounding south western FL area.

Find out all of the various massage features TheMassageClubOfNaples.com specialize in, just CLICK HERE to see pricing, phone & email info, certifications, and therapists.

You may GPS us at the Chiropractic & Acupuncture Naples Fl Office of Dr. Alex Krischanowski’s clinic at 3467 Pineridge Rd. Suite 102, Naples, FL 34109

Destress & Trust In The Professionals!


One thought on “Our Massage Therapists Are Dr. Approved!

  1. T Hollis says:

    I started chiropractic care years ago at the behest of my MD dear husband. I love my chiropractor and would have been forced into back surgery without her!
    Thanks for following my Posts!

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